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Who is Aqua Ngando ? 

My name is Ngando Fane Ephisian, and I am aprofessional tropical fish and plant trader. I got my knowledge working for a fish exporter many years ago at Douala, but some years ago I started my own business.  'Aqua Nagando' is based in Mutengene in the Southwest of Cameroon, just one hour away from Douala. So I am near the International Airport of Douala, from where we ship our fish and plants all over the world. In Mutengene, we have a fishhouse where we keep our wild-caught fish for a while in quarantine before we ship them.   As 'Aqua Nagando' has several species of different genera in stock, we can deliver these very quickly. You can be assured that we always select the best fish and plants at the collecting-sites before we take them back to Mutengene and store them in our tanks.   We always try to find the fish our clients have ordered. If they are not available in our stock, we go to the area where they live and collect them. So almost every kind of Cameroon fish will be available for our clients - at least during the dry season.   As we want to expand our business and give work to more local people, we have set up this website to get known all over the world. Please let us convince you that we are delivering the best quality in Cameroon fish and plants for the best price! 

Contact adress:
Aqua Ngando
Ngando Fane Ephisian
PO Box s/c 402 Tiko / Cameroon

Sale of Tropical Fish and Plant exporter from Cameroon