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November 2013: Added some movies about Polypterys bichir bichir and teugelsi. Now you can see how beautiful these oddballs are. Please have a look at the Polypterus section. 

October 2013:
Just arrived, a new shipment from Chad. Polypterus birchir birchir. Very nice and high quality shipment of these nice and rare species. We have several different sizes available! Mail us for an offer.

1:42, 9 jun 2012

June 2012

The weather is still very good. The Rainy season did not started yet, and we are still able to deliver Fish and Plants from Cameroon. At this moment the Killy are full grown and colorfull. We can ship very nice Procatopus types (nototaenia, similis and abberans). The Anubia types are nice green and strong and are waiting to be shipped all over the World. So place your order and we ship at the date you wish us to! 

21:32, 10 apr 2012

April 2012: This month April is a perfect Month to order some of the nicest Killyfish from Cameroon. There are a lot of Aphyosemion from the Kumba area. There are aslo an abundance of different colormorphs available of Procatopus nototeania and similis. Large quantaties of Aphyosemion and Procatopus are available now! Furthermore there are also nice Anubia barteri and Crinum natans available now. Ask for our specials discounts (at large quantaties).

Specials for the Month April:

Benitochromis conjunctus - 100 pieces minimum order at $ 1,60 each


Pelvicachromis taeniatus "Moliwe" -100 pieces minimum order at $ 1,50,- each

Aphyosemion splendopleure - 200 pieces minimum order at $0,80 each 

Sale of Tropical Fish and Plant exporter from Cameroon