Sale of tropical Fish from Cameroon Experiences with Aqua Ngando


mankaa. (10:10, 4 sep 2013)
Dear Ngando.the plants shipment we receive 2 months ago was very good and greens.please sent us again.we where very happy with the shipment.keep on with the good work,

Adrian Indermaur
 (13:32, 15 aug 2013)
We explored the Kumba area with Ngando this June. Ngando is as great a person as a field guide and really has great knowledge about the fish of the region. It was a big pleasure working with him. I have sofar not done any shipments with Aqua Ngando but I plan to do so in the future. Thank you, Ngando!

Michel Keijman
 (12:20, 30 apr 2012)
I made 4 collecting trips with Ngando, and Ngando knows the exact locations of many beautiful species. I did 3 shippings with Ngando, and he delivered me 1st quality Fish and Plants. I am looking forward to do more Business with him in the near Future.
Greetings Michel

Uwe Werner
 (12:27, 16 apr 2012)
I have travelled with Ngando in Cameroon, catching fish, and I can only say that he is a friendly and reliable partner who will do his best to offer and ship good quality in fish and plants. So don't hesitate…
Phanta Rhei - Germany (15:32, 13 apr 2012)

Hello Ngando,
In 2012 we did a shipment with you, and you delivered us some 1st quality fish from Cameroon. The rates where good and the Fish was Top Quality. We certainly will do another shipment with you again. Nice Pelvicachromis you delivered us Keep up this quality work.
Verduyn Cichlids (9:18, 12 apr 2012)
Hello Ngando,

I wanna gratulade you with your new website. I hope that you getting more Business through the website. I wanna say to everybody who reads the comments that AquaNgando delivers very good quality Fish and Plants. We did a shipment a year ago, and we where very satisfied about it. Ngando, keep up the good work!

Greetings Verduyn Cichlids - the Netherlands
Utaka Cichlids (9:19, 11 apr 2012)
Hello Ngando,

Our last shipment (October 2011) arrived well. You send us us high quality Fish, with good sizes. So next time we will certainly do Business again. 
Greetings Michael

Sale of Tropical Fish and Plant exporter from Cameroon